Fiber optic

Our experience and metrological support of manufacturers, thanks to close cooperation with the Institute and INRIM ACCREDIA, led us to obtain accreditation for fiber optic photometric unique because we can issue a certificate of accredited calibration for all instruments of measurement in fiber optics. In particular power meters, attenuators, sources, and soon OTDR.

Power meters are running for the calibration of absolute power and linearity from 850 nm to 1625 nm.
For fixed and variable attenuators, you run the calibration of the insertion loss and mitigation steps as requested, from 850 nm to 1625 nm.
For Laser and Led sources you are setting the stability of short-term power output from 850 nm to 1625 nm.
Our goal is to be able to meet all the needs of our calibration customers, including providing support for management and maintenance of instrumentation.