Delo Services Services

Delo Services is equipped with high quality and precision instrumentation, and operating in a controlled environment provides the following services, calibration, technical support, maintenance and global contracts.


The selection of DELO SERVICES for management activities of the Parks Business Tools is oriented in providing a service commonly referred to as "outsourcing." DELO SERVICES, provides services for years Park Management Tools for its key customers to ensure excellent quality levels.


The calibration service includes:
  • Calibration of the instrument based on the information available in service manuals / calibration (supplied by customer) or reported in calibration procedures of DELO SERVICES;
  • Applying labels certifying the action, including the date of intervention and setting the second expiration of the agreed guidelines;
  • Issuance of a Calibration Report;


If during calibration the instrument is found out of specification will be issued a warning to the customer and will be the procedure managed to "put in point." The surgery will be performed normally in the laboratory. If necessary to manage the DELO SERVICES "Starting Point" by the manufacturer, its authorized laboratory or center in Italy LAT qualified. Following the "Starting Point" will run a new calibration procedure.


The preventive maintenance activities include:
  • Internal and external cleaning of the instrument;
  • Check / clean cooling systems;
  • Clean external connectors;
  • Lubricate any parts;
  • Replacing non-rechargeable batteries;
This service is usually done in conjunction calibration if agreed activity.


If necessary DELO SERVICES will take care of repairs. If the instrument malfunctions presented a cost estimate will be issued with details of field failures. Authorized to repair, it will be done in their laboratories, or by the manufacturer or his authorized repair workshop in Italy.
Following a repair will proceed, if necessary, and agreed to an intervention of calibration.


The Service Asset Management provides for the creation of a database of all their instruments of the customer.
  • Data is entered as a result of a census of the instrumentation used, or imported from any database in the possession of the customer;
  • The database will contain all the necessary tools to properly manage the park and the optimal scheduling of preventive maintenance and calibration activities;
  • The database will record the actions related to operations Preventive Maintenance, Calibration, and / or Commissioning point, Repairs;
  • The Database is a relational (on Windows) and reside in the appropriate work-station located at the headquarters of DELO SERVICES;
The protection, security and data protection are guaranteed by back-up daily.