Calibration of instruments

The Weights and Measures Laboratory is accredited Accredia ,Delo Services for the electrical and photometric optical fiber.
The characteristics of the center are visible display tables that show the metrological capabilities in detail.
The certificate LAT is the only document that provides no additional calibration checks, the refer to national standards of the calibration results.

The staff, calibration procedures, and the system as a laboratory LAT, it is checked periodically by a third party entity (ACCREDIA), which also checks the consistency of the uncertainties declared by technical audit.
Strumentazione per reti e fibra
For field are not accredited calibration is performed using certified primary standards and procedures by issuing a calibration report.

Field so you make the calibration service

Power supplies, analog and digital ammeters, electrical networks analyzers, Electronic Loads, Decades resistive, AC and DC generators, inductors, ground resistance meters, Insulation resistance meter, Measuring dielectric strength, electrical meters, analog multimeters, handheld multimeters digital ohmmeters, and milliohmetri microohmetri, Clamp, analog and digital voltmeters, wattmeters, etc...

Protocol analyzers, LAN analyzers, spectrum analyzers, optical spectrum analyzers, analyzers SDH / PDH, Optical Attenuators, RF Attenuator, Fiber Optic Reference, Power meter, OTRD, Optical Switches, TDR tester for ISDN, etc...

Optical wavelength
LAN analyzers, optical spectrum analyzer OSA, Lan Tester, Lan Cable meters, optical power meter, RF power meters, optical attenuators, optical sources, optical switches, Diafonometri, etc...

Frequency of laboratory and industrial, pulse generators, signal generators, meters of field TV, analog and digital oscilloscopes, receivers and transmitters in low frequency, etc...

Thermometers, Thermometric chains, Temperature Calibrators, Dataloggers, industrial furnaces, laboratory portatilie, Thermo couples or resistance thermometers, contact thermometers, dial, refrigerators, cold rooms, weather rooms, etc...

Analytical balances, industrial and technical, Counting scales, etc...

Tapes, ribs metrics, Calipers, pads and rings, Graduated, etc...

Force and torque
Load cells, dynamometers digital and analog, screwdrivers and pneumatic, wrenches screwdrivers, etc...Giraviti, ecc...

Calibrators, pressure gauges, pressure transducers and transmitters, etc..

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